Joseph V. Lash is the founder and Managing Member of VT Capital, LLC.   Prior to forming VTC in November 2010, Mr. Lash spent more than 25 years  as a mergers and acquisitions advisory and investment professional. 

 For the approximately 20 years Mr. Lash was on Wall Street, he advised  and assisted corporations globally in the identification, planning and  execution of mergers, acquisitions and related transactions across  numerous industries, with a particular emphasis on industrial technology  companies.  During Mr. Lash's tenure as an corporate advisor, he held  a  number of senior positions in the mergers and acquisitions departments  of leading Wall Street firms including JPMorgan Chase, Kidder, Peabody  and the combined Kidder, Peabody/Paine Webber, where Mr. Lash Co-Headed  the Mergers and Acquisitions Department.     

For the five years preceding VTC's formation, Mr. Lash was a senior  executive with Tontine Associates, LLC, a Greenwich, CT-based private  investment partnership.  While at Tontine, Mr. Lash worked together with  the Firm's managing member to establish and implement Tontine's  concentrated/control equity investment strategy as well as oversee a  portfolio of investments of over $250 million in the power and energy  infrastructure market.  In connection with such oversight activities,  Mr. Lash served as a director or board observer for several companies  where Tontine had established control or near-control positions.  Such  board activities included: 

  •  Exide Technologies,  a leading supplier of stored energy products to industrial and  transportation markets globally (Director from March 2007 until May  2010)
  • Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.,  a national provider of electrical and communications solutions to  commercial, industrial and residential markets (Director from June 2006  until February 2011)
  • Neenah Enterprises, Inc.,  a leading manufacturer of municipal and industrial iron castings,  (Director from May 2006 until July 2010 and Chairman of the Board of  Directors from February 2009 until July 2010)
  • CVTech Group, Inc., a  leading provider of transmission and distribution construction and  maintenance services in Canada and the U.S. (Board Observer from April  2008  until January 2009)
  • Westmoreland Coal Company,  the oldest, independent coal company in the U.S. and a developer of  independent power projects (Board Observer from March 2008 until January  2009)


Mr. Lash previously served as a member of the Board of Trustees of Ohio  Wesleyan University (from July 2007 through June 2012), where he  attended and received a BA in Economics/Management.